clash of clan next update is coming

  1. Content Update in March 2018 with Builder Hall 8, new levels, new magical items, new challenges, war tools & a traveling character we don’t know much about yet
  2. Smaller content updates until summer
  3. Complete rework of war matchmaking to put an end to the advantage of engineering by summer
  4. Huge new content for Home Village (end game) – either in direction of TH12 that will offer more than just new grinding of troops & upgrades, but can also be something not being TH12
  5. Clouding issue in Legend League will be the big priority after the big summer
  6. These are the big bullet points, but there are also other things that are worth mentioning and
  7. A new troop is heavily considered
  8. Clan name change is considered
  9. 2nd name change for gems
  10. No changes to global chat planned (sadly)
  11. Goblin Map stuff
  12. More challenges, including Clan War related challenge
  13. More achievements (esepecially Clan Games related ones)
  14. More Clan Perks in the huge Town Hall update in summer
  15.  will also very likely come in 2018: content update